Administration of Properties

Administration of Communities of Neighboring Marbella

In AF Administrators, our main service is the Administration of Properties. We have a team of experts in the field with years of experience in the Administration of Properties in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. This is a quality service that we make available to our customers due to years of experience in the area.

Below you can read some of the main services within the Administration of Properties in Málaga.

Services available within the Administration of Properties at Costa del Sol

  • For the properties we can offer Constitution of the own Community service
  • We elaborate the annual budgets of those ordinary costs within the community.
  • We contact with the president of the Community , informing about any news related to the Neighborhood Community.
  • Another remarkable service is making calls to arrange General, Ordinary and / or Extraordinary Meetings. In this case, one of our experts of the Property Manager in Malaga will go.
  • We also provide the registration of the properties in the corresponding Treasury Office, development of the appropriate procedures to obtain the NIF or the Drafting of official documents within the Community as Regulations or Statutes.
  • The accounts of a Community, the management of payments and related procedures, are fundamental for the proper functioning. With a good development of the same, the Community will evolve in the best possible way. That is why we provide a service management and control of these elements for proper operation.
  • Manage the community accounts and books for accounting with the respective settlements. For this, all those costs, income (grouped) will be detailed. This documentation will be detailed and a copy will be made for each of the owners of the Community of Neighbors.

Other management and services related to the Administration of Properties

Administración onlineAdministration of Properties Management

  • We carry out procedures related to the Building accident rate. This involves contacts with the company itself responsible for ensuring the Neighborhood Community. This is a long process, that is why we take care from the beginning to the final and total resolution.
  • Another one of the managements available is the one related to the rents. For this we will perform the tasks of formalizing contracts, billing, rent reviews, realization of rental income and even making legal claims for the payment of rent.
  • Steps for the legalization of the minutes book of the community of neighbors.
  • Realization of the managements and emissions of the collections of those receipts that correspond to both ordinary and extraordinary budgets.
  • We manage, prepare and send the proceeding of the Community Board and the transcripts in the Book of Minutes. For this, they will be sent to each of the owners of the community.

Controls and monitoring

  • Control those works of ordinary character to be carried out in the Community of Owners.
  • Monitoring of contingencies that arise in those elements of the building that do not require the assistance of a technician.
  • The timely monitoring of the means necessary for better conservation and maintenance of the Community is carried out. It can be through technical or human means. For this we process the budgets for works, certificates, reports…

More Services

  • We have a service that is related to the translation and assistance of several languages ​​in order to carry out the documents of the Community.
  • We have availability for the Neighborhood Communities a meeting room for specific cases of meetings
  • Special emphasis will be placed on defaulters. For this purpose, the pertinent notices will be made as well as the application of possible surcharges for those interests for the delay. These cases will be followed by our experts and if necessary, make a possible legal claim.
  • We have other complementary services such as tax, labor, accounting, commercial. Within the service of the labor consultancy, we develop the preparation of payroll, the payment of the same, tax declaration IRPF …

As you can see, in the AF Administrator of Properties Marbella we have a very varied service from the Properties Administration for Neighborhood Communities. That is why our property managers have many years of experience, which makes them experts in the field. In addition, if you need advice on labor, tax, commercial or accounting matters, please contact AFHA Marbella.