Accounting Advisory

At AFHA Marbella, we offer professional accounting services with an expert team in the field. We provide quality accounting consultancy services in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, backed by a reliable team with years of experience.

Services Available

Main tasks in the Accounting Department

Through our accounting services in Marbella and accounting consultancy, we provide:

  • Consultancy and accounting planning by our accounting consultant.
  • Advice on closing operations of the fiscal year.
  • Preparation of accounting either from our premises or the client’s. The client can also prepare accounting remotely through access to the server or at their premises with periodic reviews.
  • Preparation of reports, annual accounts, or other financial statements.
  • Accounting reviews.
  • Organization of accounting procedures and files.
  • We have professional accounting management.

Accounting services

In short, it’s about accounting services that encompass everything related to advising and managing the financial and accounting aspects within a company. We handle tasks involving quantification, measurement, and economic analysis, all aimed at producing reports reflecting the reality based on current Marbella accounting regulations.

At AFHA Marbella, in addition to accounting management and advisory services, we offer a range of advisory services in Marbella, including:

Feel free to contact us; we’ll be delighted to assist you:

We also have a specialized tax blog for advisory purposes. Our team includes professional accounting managers.