Business Consulting

Our Commercial Advisory Service in Marbella is backed by a team of workers with years of experience in this field. We specialize in advising any company and provide commercial services to our clients to ensure that all business activities are conducted properly.

Services Available

Key administrative tasks within the Mercantile Management Office.

  • Incorporation of commercial companies.
  • Sale of inactive companies.
  • Advising and processing of capital increases/decreases, changes of administrator/address, mergers, splits, liquidation, and other corporate agreements.
  • Study and drafting of real estate purchase-sale contracts, leasing agreements, transfer of shares and participations, corporate contracts…
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Accounts.
  • Drafting of board of directors’ minutes, general meeting certificates.
  • Professional commercial service.

Merchant consulting service

From AFHA Marbella, we have extensive experience in business advisory. We are a professional management and advisory firm in Marbella with years of experience. At AFHA Marbella, you can acquire commercial services and more types of services such as:

  • Labor advisory
  • Accounting advisory
  • Legal services
  • Tax advisory
  • Property management

Contact us, we will be delighted to assist you:

We also have a specialized tax blog for advisory purposes.