Legal, Tax, and Commercial Services

At AFHA Marbella, we offer the best services related to advice and management in Marbella. Tax and Commercial Legal Services are a very important part of our services. All our services are backed by professionals with years of experience.

Services Available

Main tasks within Tax and Commercial Legal Services

  • Legal advice for companies and self-employed individuals.
  • Consultation for other consultancy and law firms: advanced consultancy, reports and opinions, legal assistance.
  • Administrative litigation resources.
  • Legal advice in real estate transactions.
  • Advice on foreign investment in Spain.
  • Debt collection.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Tax criminal law.
  • Other judicial procedures.

Legal Services

At AFHA Marbella, a management consultancy in Marbella, we have a professional team specialized in tax and commercial legal services. We are a leading company in management and consultancy in Marbella. In addition to legal services, we offer:

Feel free to contact us; we will be happy to assist you:

We also have a specialized tax blog for advice.