Administrator of Properties Marbella and Costa del Sol

Group AFHA Marbella

Within the AFHA Marbella group, AF Administrators are in charge of the Administration of Properties Marbella, communities or properties in Marbella, San Pedro Alcántara, Estepona, Manilva, Ojén and the rest of the Costa del Sol. The AFHA group is made up of the different offices that covers different areas such as tax, labor, accounting, commercial …

Therefore, the AFHA group provides the client with all the consulting services that the companies need through the property administrators. By forming a consisting group of companies that belongs to the same group, this means that any individual, company or community that requires services of this type, Can find in the AFHA Group all those services that they need.

The services that we provide are quality, thanks to the team of profesional administrators, expert and qualified communities for each of the services that any client requires. In addition, we offer a personalized service to our client, because we think it is important to develop a good advice in the Costa del Sol. We are an group of administrator properties in Marbella that works very professional.

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Community Manager Service on the Costa del Sol


We provide you our Property Management Malaga service supported by our professional team. In AF Administrators of Community we have numerous services related to the administration of properties in Marbella. From administrative procedures, controls, monitoring and much more.

AF Administrators of Properties

As AF Administrators we provide our services as a community administrator and property management in Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara and throughout Costa del Sol. We provide our clients a team of professional experts in the area of ​​administration of properties.

Our administrators of communities or properties are professionals who perform the functions of tax, accounting, commercial, labor advice … Always following the law and ensuring the good dwelling regime, facilities and services. To do this, the administrator of properties will perform tasks such as: an income and expenses planning, preservation of the property, control of suppliers, labor relations with employees of the community …

It is an arduous process that we see in each community of neighbors, commercial center or other properties, and that is fundamental to the proper functioning of the community and the confluence of it.

In the end, the administrator of communities or properties, can act in the real estate sector either in buildings of urban or rustic character, direct exploitation, leasing …

We are a group of highly efficient Property management in Málaga specialized in managing property and community administration. We advise and manage all in a professional manner.

In addition, we have a 24-hour service called “Office 24 hours” so that any client and community can always be informed. This consist in a virtual office, which through a user and a password can access to the information. Do not hesitate to contact us to know our rates and request a quote.

We provide services as administrator of properties in Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara and throughout the Costa del Sol.

AFHA Marbella Group Services


We perform various tasks, from advice to the realization of claims or statements of income


We offer a labor advice service so that any company is up to date with the labor regulations


We provide a service to our client so that all business activities are carried out correctly


We offer an accounting service in Marbella and Costa del Sol with a reliable team that has many years of experience


We offer the best advice and management services in Marbella. They are a very important part of our service