Newsletter swimming-pool and cleaning facades

Dear owners,

Through this communication we want to transmit to you that we are making a great effort from the AF ADMINISTRATORS team since the date on which we were elected Administrators to ensure that shortly, and after having suffered the consequences of the sand rain, you can enjoy your home in Higuerón West and all community services and facilities, contracting the different work teams who will carry out garden maintenance, swimming pools, cleaning, concierge, pest control, maintenance of technical installations, lifeguard, etc. ….. through different specialized companies and looking for a balance with their quality and price, in order to comply with the estimated and approved budget of expenses for this first year of life of the Community of owners.

We had planned to start the swimming-pool season on April 1st, and as a result of the sand rain, which has filled the pools with mud and the inclement weather conditions for three weeks, we have been forced to delay it. The weather forecasts for the weekend are for unsettled weather, with lower temperatures and rain next Monday, so we have thought to start the season with the opening of the swimming-pools as soon as the weather improves.

In relation to the cleaning of facades, and given that it is the first time this extraordinary event of mud has happened coinciding with the rains, which have temporarily deteriorated the aesthetics of the urbanization, both Urbania and we have consulted different options and
techniques for solving the recovery of the same and quotations have been requested. The top of the buildings where remains of mud have accumulated will also be cleaned.

Urbania has also carried out several tests to find out the results and the time required per square meter. No decision has yet been made until all the necessary information is obtained. Some owners have proceeded to individually clean their own facades and individual terraces. We
understand that all of you want to have your private areas cleaned and the facades, stairs, locksmith, etc., but we cannot rush. We have had to wait because until yesterday we have had different episodes, each time of less intensity of rainy daysthat have prevented us from carrying
out an action whose costs are not yet known, and which would have generated double job at the end of this climatic situation.

We will keep you informed and we appreciate your patience,

Our warmest regards